Vertex -Features-

Provides the Maximum Machining Area in the Minimum Installation Space

The Vertex 550-5X requires only 2 m wide by 3 m deep installation space (standard specifications, excluding operation panel). Despite its compact body,the Vertex 550-5X has a capacity of loading workpieces of up to 500 mm in diameter and 325 mm in height*.

* The maximum tool length and diameter have limitations.
* Limited to the carrying mass and moment.

High Accuracy by Elaborate Building

Vertex is based on high accuracy. Through its elaborate design, it has achieved geometrical accuracy as high as jig borers. With a linear scale used for a linear axis and a rotary Inductosyn for a rotary axis, it ensures the positioning accuracy much superior to the specified value.

Combining this fact with the high accuracy with the least input increment and least command increment of 0.1µm, Vertex provides machining at the micron level.

Actual Measurement Example of Positioning Accuracy (X-, Y-, and Z-axis)
*Those values are only reference data, not guaranteed values.

Tilting Circular Table Combining High Speed and High Accuracy

Our tilting circular table, the key point of the 5-axis machines illustrates the advantages of the horizontal trunnion type 5-axis machining centers, which Mitsui Seiki has manufactured and delivered in large quantities.

Using a special gear drive mechanism, the A-axis and the C-axis realize 30 rpm and 50 rpm respectively, in both rapid traverse and maximum cutting feed. The standard full closed loop function of the rotary Inductosyn assures the high positioning accuracy of ± 6 seconds for the A-axis and ± 4 seconds for the C-axis.

Efficient Disposal of Cutting Chips

A cube-on structure has solved the problem of poor disposal capability when cutting chips, which has been the problem of the conventional vertical machining centers.

Cutting chips produced at a cutting point fall onto a chip conveyor located right under the table. The conveyor quickly discharges the cutting chips out of the machine through its rear section. In order to discharge the cutting chips from the bed, discharge ports on the right, left, and rear have been placed in order to allow for a flexible tank layout.

High-Operability Design

As the table side does not move, workers always have access to the machine from 400 mm which is the distance from the front to the center of the table when the table is horizontally placed.

The top of the table is 900 mm from the floor, which is about the height of an average male’s waist. The space under the bed allows workers to operate the machine comfortably.

High-Speed Type and High-Torque Type --- Selectable Spindle

There are two kinds of spindles newly developed for Vertex: high-speed type 25,000 min-1 and high-torque type 15,000 min-1.

For the taper, in addition to standard 40T, HSK-A63 is available for use.

[Provided with Standard Spindle Thermal Displacement Compensation]
A sensor installed at the nose of the spindle detects and feeds back spindle thermal displacement value at real time to compensate