Factory Plant3

Small Machine Processing Area

In the Small Machine Processing Area, final finishing touches are carried out for parts that make up the core parts of machines, such as spindles, tables and ball screws. The jig boring and screw grinding equipment can measure up to 1/1000mm.

Large Machine Processing Area

In the Large Machine Processing Area, large cast object parts such as beds, columns, tables and saddles are assembled. This area is equipped with large machines such as the HS8A horizontal machining center 4APC specification. Of course, the high-precision processing is carried out in a temperature-controlled environment.

Precision Measurement Area

In order to make machines that are capable of measuring up to 1µm, proper tools and technology that can measure more precisely than 1µm will be required. Out of all of the rooms in the Precision Machine Block, the Measurement Area has the strictest temperature control, maintaining a temperature of 20°C ± 0.1°C. This area is equipped with Mitsui Seiki's laser-lead measuring instruments, 3-dimensional measuring instruments, roundness measuring instruments, surface roughness measuring instruments, and universal microscopes.

Development and Design

The basic thinking behind machine development and design is first and foremost high precision. Structural analyses are carried out using Finite Element Methods (FEM) to ensure that beds and columns have adequate rigidity, and that there is no bending due to weight.