Factory Plant2

Flow of Parts, Units and Products

Even slight temperature changes within the factory can be detrimental for the machines. Therefore, Mitsui Seiki has taken the utmost care to prevent damage by minimizing the need to move machines from place to place: the Shipping Area is positioned adjacent to the Product Assembly Area. Moreover, the temperature of the machines in the Shipping Area will gradually adjust to the outside temperature, which prevents the formation of condensation from forming due to the temperature differences between the inside and outside air temperatures, particularly on hot summer days. In addition, the location of the the Shipping Area and Product Assembly Area improve efficiency due to the time saved from machines continuously trying to adjust to various room temperatures.

Product Assembly Area

The Product Assembly area located in the center of the Precision Machine Block has four spans, where the assembly of vertical, horizontal and 5-axis machining centers, jig boring machines, jig grinding machines, screw grinding machines and specialized machines takes place here. In addition, this area is used for scraping, collective assembly, adjustment, inspection, process debugging, witnessing and shipping arrangement.

Unit Assembly Area

Assembly of spindles, heads, and tables is carried out in the Unit Assembly Area. Mitsui Seiki strictly supervise the assembly of spindles. Particularly severe administration is carried out for spindle assembly. There is also a room for conducting adjustment operation of spindle heads after assembly is completed.