Factory Plant1

The Precision Machine Block that forms the main part of the machine tool factory has a width of 140m, depth of 100m with the interior completely air conditioned. Inside this factory, all of the processes, from processing to assembly and measurement, are carried out consecutively.

Air Conditioning System that Minimizes Temperature Changes

The Precision Machine Block air conditioning system utilizes Mitsui Seiki's original technology known as the "ceiling-laminar air flow".

This system first sends cooled air toward the ceiling from where it is blown into the room towards the floor through plates that have countless tiny holes (multi-hole plates). The air is collected and re-circulated via the return ducts. This method has the following features:

  1. There are almost no temperature differences for any location in the room (when measured both vertically and horizontally )
    →Precision will remain stable even when assembling large machines
    →There will be no restrictions on machine layouts
  2. There will be almost no air flow close to the floor
    →There will be no influence from pressure changes, allowing for precise laser measurement.

Robust Factory Foundations

When creating mother machines, changes in the foundation level and vibrations from external sources cannot be ignored. the Precision Machine Block consists of 1,700 piles that are driven down to the bedrock with an average 1m thick layer of concrete making up a robust foundation. Furthermore, the building foundations are completely separated from the foundations on which the machines are installed, so that vibrations from the crane's movements does not affect the machines.