Receiver Tank

Receiver tank

Material SS400・SM490A Attachment safety valve, pressure gauge, drain valve
Color Munsell 7.5Y7/1 Certification the second sort pressure vessel certificate

■Tank Size List for General Use

Applicable compressor Tank capacity(L)
3.7~5.5kW 100~200
7.5~15kW 200~400
22kW 400~700
37kW 700~1000
55kW 1000~2000
75kW 1500~3000

※Further, for general application, it is recommended to install the air tank of delivery air capacity 10~20%.
※Please ask us when you choose vessel's volume in terms of pressure, air consumption or holding time.

Model Tank capacity
allowable pressure
Outer diameter D
Height H
Air outlet /
inlet connection diameter
Socket Flamge
MTA-01 98 1.00 60 359 1400 Rc3/4  
MTA-02 201 1.00 115 462 1660 Rc1  
MTA-03 298 1.00 150 512 1921 Rc1-1/2  
MTA-04 395 1.00 180 612 1863 Rc1-1/2  
MTA-05 498 1.00 270 666 1978 Rc1-1/2  
MTA-07 698 1.00 330 766 2072   50A
MTA-10 991 1.00 440 868 2253   50A

※About 1500~6000L vessels, please ask us .
※If you use oil-free air, we recommend having inside epoxy-coated(option).
※There is no duty to submit registration of vessel setting, please observe safety regulation of boilers and pressure vessels based on Industrial Safety and Health Act.
※Designs of product may be changed without permission. Ask us about detailed information.

Clean air system

Put a combination of various filters in the piping in proportion to the required air cleanness to obtain much more clean compressed air.

Use Result
Line filter  
Air tool. Air motor, Air press,
general painting, spray lubrication
Dry air nominal filtering rating : 1~5μm
In such a case that inclusion of a certain oil or dust after
waterelimination was allowed.
Line filter + mist filter  
For instrumentation, static painting,
dry, electronic parts
Dry and oil eliminated air nominal filtering rating : 0.1~0.01μm 
In such a case that the air eliminated almost all the water, oil and dust was required.
Line filter + mist filter + activated carbon filter
For medicament, food, brewing, ozone generator, scientific analysis equipment and caisson shielding Dry, oil and smell eliminated air nominal filtering rating : 0.003~0.01μmIn
In such a case that the air eliminated almost all the water, oil, dust and smell was required.