Remote Monitoring Sysem "Z-mate"

Z-mate is Mitsui original software which enables customers to monitor air compressors from a computer. The running status of each compressor appears on screen real time. Status of each compressor can be downloaded as excel files. Also compressors can be remotely turn ON/OFF. This software can monitor up to 10 units and is beneficial for customers who want to monitor compressors from central control room.

※Only air compressor models with built-in LCD touch panel display can be connected to Z-mate. ※Compressors and PC need to be connected by in-house LAN system or Ethernet connection. Z-Mate-flow


Z-mate can monitor running status of up to 10 units. (when only one compressor is connected, LAN cable should be cross cable.) The compressor running status data can be downloaded as excel file. Also, alarm and maintenance information can be recorded.

Remote Control Function

By using Z-mate software, compressors can be remotely ON/OFF from computer. Password is needed to use this function.