Attempts energy saving by driving minimum required numbers of plural air compressors according to air consumption (Maximum controlled unit: eight unit.). Digital pressure indication enables driving of the minimum number in precise pressure range. Further energy saving is materialized by combination of inverter machine and standard un-loader machine or plural unit control of inverter machine only.

ZV&Z Control

In case of 1 set of inverter machine

Inverter machine runs preceding and stops last. Ideal driving is enabled as the standard machine runs with full load whereas the inverter machine runs by controlled number of the rotation depending on load fluctuation.

In case of plural number of inverter machines

Double loop driving with rotation function of inverter machine is viable.

ZV&Z Control

Simulation of Air usage conditions: Max46m3/min   Min20m3/min

Simulation of Air usage conditions

Function of plural unit Control System

Averaging operating time:Additional function

Averaging operating time

Pressure sensor detects air pressure and starts / stops compressor. Red CX chooses which compressor to start / stop in order to average the operating time. Having operated for a certain time, running compressor averages the operating time in rotating.

Alternate operation:New function

Alternate operation

You can operate main machine and subordinate machine alternately. When the main machine has run for a certain time, subordinate one starts to run in exchange so that operating time is averaged.

Permanent fixed operation:New function

Permanent fixed operation

You can set which compressor to run all the time. The fixed compressor starts to operate first and continue running. The other compressors can be running in all operation pattern.

Start and stop in fixed order:New function

Start and stop in fixed order

If you set starting order, it starts and stops in that roatation.

Averaging the operating time of inverter machine:Additional function

Averaging the operating time of inverter machine

【If you use both standard machine & inverter machine】
Standard machine runs in the way averages the operating time. Inverter machine rotates in optional

Turn back control:New function

Turn back control:

【If sizes of machines are different】
Set starting order. Compressors start to run in that order stop reversely.

2 pattern of pressure setting by weekly timer:New function

ex.) You can set different pressure day and night / weekdays and the weekend.